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d. 01-04-2018
If you look up at the sky you will see a universe that has an infinite distribution and is very cold. You will also see that the universe has created a local mass in the universe of which you are a part.
The task is to find out how it has gone.

I use a two parameter system with a sliding of temperature in the volume of the universe.

You can try for yourself if you can find another solution where the basic requirements are met.

d. 01-12-2018
I have updated my section on Particle Radiation
There is something in the Planck energy, frequency and light quantum energy that does not fit into a larger whole.
I have updated the middle section on Micro Physics.

I have updated my website.


The hypothesis model that I use has its starting point in the universe's structure and development system. I also use a special analysis method to be able to handle the type of physical problems we have here.

The result comes here and must be considered as finally clarified.
The universe is an infinitely large void that does not contain anything, but it also has a displaceable part that is attached to the volume of the universe.
When the sliding part is in balance and resting point, there is nothing here either.
The universe is in its starting point an infinite void that contains nothing.
The universe has difficulty standing on its balance and resting point and moving slightly back and forth over the point.
The universe also offers increasing resistance to the displacement, where it attempts to retract it
It is the resistance that forms the basis of mass and speed, which you will also see in my formulas.
One can say about the universe as a whole; On the one hand there is nothing and yet there is something

Temperature system:
Temperature systems; For Celsius, Kelvin and others, it is a widely used and useful way to find out what a molecule's thermal state is.
But you don't get to know what is going on inside the molecule; It is because the temperature concept is an artificial size and does not belong to the development parameters of the universe, it does speed.

Number system:
The universe can collect millions of parts to the absolute accuracy with the speed of light.
We use a unit-controlled speech system; We cannot assemble two parts to the absolute accuracy, even though we spend unlimited time on it.
We therefore have a problem that certain parts of the function systems of the universe cannot be solved by using the speech system.
We are therefore, in some of the universe's functional parts, referring to using combination solutions, but we need to know how the individual parts of the isolated system are put together and that the interfaces fit into the universe's continued development system.

The system I use is about system composition and analysis of known physical systems.
When I started this project I had no idea that I would end up with the universe being able to create only one particle and which is the only active particle in the universe the rest are combinatorial compositions and stabilization points.
As a single particle, the particle is stable at the speed of light and is well hidden in the radiation field of the universe.
Seen from a wholes point, of view, a self-developing universe and only an active particle is almost a perfect developmental system.
I'm good at milling with the result.

The Universe.

Classic big bang.

Mass formation.

Atom structure.

Atom binding.

Molecular binding.

Particle radiation

Magnetic fields.

Mass attraction.


Micro physics


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