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Atom structure

We can see what comes out of the atomic cloud and we can affect the atomic cloud and, among other things, evoke a fusion and fission, but what finally goes on inside the cloud is unknown.

How the atomic nucleus' radiation, mass attraction and stabilization system works cannot be found by observation and must be retrieved by system compositions.

So far, we have used a charging system.
Which says that the nucleus of the atom is positively charged and the electron cloud is negatively charged and the total atom is neutral.

There are different views on this, but the key is to shut off the outward properties of the atom and is contrary to the universe's development system.

It is the atom that is the building blocks of molecular structure, by using the charge system you close off the molecular bond system.

It is also not possible to have several different amounts of energy in the same system.

Studies and tests of the atomic nucleus properties.

I have studied the atomic nuclei properties and it seems that there is a weak binding structure in different parts of the atomic nucleus, but it is not possible to infer anything determined from these studies. look here

It has neither been possible on the basis of studies to find an exact cause of fision and fusion, but evidence suggests that it has something to do with the binding parts and bindingstructures.

From the study of light atomic nuclei there is a clear indication of a binding structure around the helium 4, in that regard, I draw attention to that all variations of atomic nuclei have alpha active binding parts. look here

This study of atomic nuclei is not suitable for studies of radiation, magnetic properties and mass attraction which must be handled in a different way.

Expected solution to the atomic nucleus structure.
There are many parts that must fit together from the universe is function of radiation and molecular binding

The atomic nucleus contains everything. Although it is not directly visible, it is put together building elements in the universe development system.

I do not think it is possible to solve the problems of the atomic nucleus functions if you can not handle the basic functions of the universe.

It turns out that the universe can only create a basic core, which among other things manages all radiation and mass attraction.

The atoms core consists of small cores that form the the atoms nuclei. There are about three million base cores on a proton.

There are a number of stabilization parts in electrons, protons and the atomicīs nuclei.


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